Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Bella Bridesmaids!

Bella Bridesmaid: Richmond  Bride: Jessica Yandle  Designer: Jenny Yoo
Style(s): Varied  Fabric: Eastern Silk Shantung
Color: Fawn Photographer: Lauryn Galloway

Bella Bridesmaid: Los Angeles  Bride: Nicole Amon  Designer: Amsale
Style: G533C  Fabric: Silk Crinkle Chiffon 
Color: Violet   

Bella Bridesmaid: Charleston  Bride: Erin Kreutzer Burris  Designer: LulaKate
Style: Zoe  Fabric: Silk Shantung 
Color: Royal  Photographer: Leigh Webber Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Shreveport   Bride: Hannah Dumas  Designer: Alvina Valenta Styles: A205 
Fabric: Chiffon Bodice, Dupioni skirt 
Color(s): Ivory Top, Turquoise skirt  Photographer: Unveiled Radiance Photography

Bella Bridesmaid: Kansas City  Bride: Stephanie Hill  Designer: LulaKate
Style: Christy  Fabric: Poly Shantung 
Color: Eggplant  Photographer: Darbi G. Photography

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Real Wedding Q&A

This Missouri girl and her handsome beau have a fairy-tale love story that's truly one for the books (the next Nicholas Sparks novel, maybe?) 

How did you meet your Fiance? 

Jared and I met in our early teens. It all began when Jared's family moved to Grain Valley. Our brothers were in the same grade and our families became friends. I was a year younger than Jared and had a "crush" on him from the moment I met him. But at 13 he had more important things on his mind than girls... like basketball (lol). When we were both in high school we began dating and fell in love quickly. We dated our entire high school. When college came around Jared was offered a basketball scholarship at Graceland University (Iowa) and I followed my dreams of being a Mizzou Tiger. We took some time apart, but quickly realized there was no one else in the world for us. We got back together and dated throughout college and got engaged a year after I graduated from MU. 

How did you choose the location for your wedding? What type of venue were you looking for?

The location of our wedding was pretty easy to decide. 'Father of the Bride' has always been one of my favorite memories since I was a little girl. I always knew I wanted a very traditional and elegant wedding. After we got engaged, we began doing some research on venues in Kansas City. I scheduled a whole day of venue appointments, Hawthorne House being our very first stop. From the moment we pulled up, we knew it was where we were supposed to get married. The beautiful landscaping and elegant reception hall was breathtaking. And then the traditional chapel that sat on the same property really sealed the deal! It was meant for "us" :-)

How did you decide on your bridesmaids dresses? Tell us about your experience at Bella!

Seeing as I was one of the first girls in my circle of friends to get married the whole wedding planning process was very new to me. I did a lot of my research of vendors online. I came across Bella Bridesmaid one day and quickly added it to my list of places to look for bridesmaids dresses....and I am so glad! After  a long day of bridesmaids dress shopping, Bella Bridesmaid was the last stop on my mom and I's list for the weekend. We almost decide to skip it and go back another day, but decide to look at one more place. 

I always wanted my girls to wear "champagne" dresses, but I quickly realized that was a lot easier said than done. We were having the hardest time finding the perfect gold color. When we went to Bella Bridesmaid that day I quickly saw the color I had been searching for. It was the most beautiful and elegant fabric I had seen yet. And the style was so classy. I knew when I saw was the dress for my girls.  Not only was it by far my favorite dress I has seen, but Danielle was by far one of the nicest  vendors I had met too. She was so sweet to help us think of every girl and all the elements that went into picking the dresses. Kansas City Bella Bridesmaid was one of my favorite vendors throughout the entire process. 


Later down the planning process, it was time for us girls to venture to Vegas for my Bachelorette party! I took one of the bridesmaids dresses with me to give to Kelsey since she lived in Arizona. On the way, my luggage got lost....and her dress was in there! Seeing as how we ordered the last of that fabric, I was in a panic. We called Bella Bridesmaid while we were on the trip and they saved the entire vacation. They told us not to worry, they would get ahold of the designer asap and get back to us. A few hours later they called with amazing news; they were able to order another dress and have it made and shipped in time for the wedding! I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip thanks to the ladies. After that, they were in constant contact with me assuring me it would all work out.... and it did! I truly cannot say enough good things about Kansas City Bella Bridesmaid!

Who designed your bridal gown? Where did you get it?

I got my wedding dress at Nolte's Bridal in Overland Park, Kansas. It was a Casablanca Bridal Couture dress and it was so beautiful! It was the elegant, traditional beautiful dress I had been looking for. I always knew I wanted lace and sparkle. This dress had the perfect combination of beautiful elegant lace and the right amount of "tone on tone" sparkle I had been looking for! I loved it so much. 

What was your favorite part of the day? 
My favorite part of the wedding day was probably spending such a special day that not only Jared and I had waited so long for, but our families as well. Seeing as we dated 10 years we were not the only ones looking forward to this amazing celebration. Our entire families were thrilled this day was finally here and we all had such a fun time leading up to it. I was so much fun getting to share the entire day with the people we loved most. Getting ready, taking pictures and soaking in every moment. I will also never forget the moment the chapel doors opened and I saw Jared for the first time. It was truly the happiest moment of my life.

What inspired you when you were planning your big day?

One of my inspirations for our big day was probably my favorite movie... Father of the Bride, lol! I have probably watched that movie a million times and know it by heart. It wasn't just about the beautiful day, but the experience(s) and memories leading up to it. I had such an amazing time planning all the details with my mom and Jared and will cherish those memories leading up to the big day forever! 

What advice do you have for other brides?

If I had any advice to give brides it would probably be enjoy every moment of it and don't let the planning and details take away from the meaning on the day. A wedding is to celebrate the love between you and your husband. It's okay if not every detail goes perfect and something goes wrong. The important thing at the end of all the planning and hard work is you are getting to marry the person you cannot imagine your life without. Although I had an absolute blast planning my wedding and loved every minute of it, my favorite part at the end of all the details was knowing I got to marry Jared, my best friend!

Check out more from this lovely couple on their wedding day here, see pictures from their high school years and hear all about the winter wonderland proposal!

Ceremony and Reception Location- The Hawthorne House, Parkville, MO
Video- Alea Lovely
Photographer- Picture This! Studios, Angela Needs
Bridesmaid Dresses- Bella Bridesmaid, Kansas City, MO
Bridal Gown- Nolte's Bridal in Overland Park, Kansas

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Interview with Ariane Goldman of twobirds bridesmaid.

Ariane Goldman, founder and creator of twobirds bridesmaid, has given brides everywhere something to swoon over, retie, and swoon over all again! She created a versatile and unique bridesmaid collection, that would make any girl feel comfortable and chic. We were lucky enough to chat with the Manhattan born and raised designer about some of the inspirations for her classic collection and her newest design, the hi-low gown!

Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself. When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?

A. I have been an entrepreneur since I started my own jewelry line at age 9 - I have always had the itch to launch companies where there is a need in the market. When I was getting married there was nothing out there I liked for bridesmaids so I found fabric and got the dresses made for my four maids who had completely different body types. The reaction was amazing so the light bulb went off and I quit my job at Amercian Express and started twobirds from my apartment in the West Village. I didn't get to do much design with twobirds (since it is just one dress) which is what led me to starting HATCH (a line of maternity clothes that you can wear before, during + after pregnancy).   I believe in enabling women to invest in pieces they can wear again through stages of life. 

Q. We are loving the new hi-low gown. How would you accessorize it?

A. I am not a big jewelry person, but I would rock it with statement earrings and my hair in a high bun. The hi-low gown is just so versatile and flattering on all body types since you have the option to wear it with a sash for a cinched waist. Easy, chic and a one-stop shop is how I like to design. 

Q. How did this inspire you to redesign your website? (Does a dress inspire a website redesign?)

A. While the design of twobirds is timeless, it's important to show customers how versatile the dress is and how it can be dressed up or down after the wedding.  I understand the desire to want to wear something different ways, so I thought the new site should demonstrate the endless ways to wear the twobirds dresses.

Q. What is your favorite twobirds tie?

A. The one shoulder Grecian twist is a show stopper when you are walking down the aisle.

Q. The twobirds dress is flattering on all different body types. Any suggestion for expecting bridesmaids?

A. I don't think you can get more comfortable than a twobirds dress for a wedding! There is room to breath and you will be able to wear it again after your pregnancy. The bandeau is a great option for more coverage and allows you to wrap the dress in any style you want. Seriously, twobirds dresses are perfect for expecting mamas. :)