Thursday, November 7, 2013

Our Bella Bridesmaids.

Our Bella Bridesmaids from Orange County, Pittsburgh, Greenville, Chicago and Memphis!

Bella Bridesmaid: Orange County  Bride: Ashley  Designer: Ivy & Aster
Style(s): Coming Up Roses, May Flowers and Paloma Fabric: Matte Chiffon   
Color(s): Light Green, Rosemary & Teal

Bella Bridesmaid: Pittsburgh  Bride: Corinne McGinley  Designer: Jenny Yoo
Style(s): Justine Fabric: Eastern Silk Shantung   
Color(s): Blush, Fawn & Slate

 Bella Bridesmaid: Greenville  Bride: Hannah Mohr  Designer: 57 Grand
Style(s): 5704   Fabric: Matte Satin   
Color(s):  Mint & Ivory
Bella Bridesmaid: Chicago  Bride: Kelli Brown  Designer: Ceremony by Joanna August 
Style(s): Newbury Long   Fabric: Chiffon  
Color:  Smoke on the Water

Bella Bridesmaid: Memphis  Bride: Lauren Amann  Designer: Love Lane 
Style(s): Various  Fabric: Crinkle Chiffon   
Color:  Smoke


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