Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our Interview with Lindsie Jones of Haute Bride

Image by Hellybee Photography, Los Gatos

Most gals can’t help but be distracted by sparkly things. Lindsie Jones, of Haute Bride, knows this all too well. Lindsie founded Haute Bride in 2002 where she began selling bridal accessories that made our hearts melt with pure shimmering joy! Now selling nationwide in over 130 bridal salons, including our very own, Lindsie has made brides and their bridal parties perfectly accessorized from bracelets, earrings, custom veils, and headpieces to couture bridal footwear. Lindsie has you covered from head to toe! We took a moment away from gazing at those gorg accessories to chat with Lindsie…

Image by Hellybee Photography, Los Gatos

BB: What do you think has been the most important factor in the success of your business?

L: I have such a passion for accessories and creating fashion forward pieces- that can be worn again. I worked very hard (and still do!) in the first 5 years of my business, trying to create great quality bridal accessories and develop a national brand name at the same time. I believe the number one factor is good quality, handmade pieces, followed by excellent customer service. I believe we provide both. 

BB: When designing your gorgeous bridal accessories, what are your inspirations?

L: I am constantly buzzing with inspiration. It may be a pattern that I see on a dress in a window, when Swarovski launches a new color or shape of a rhinestone, or when one of our material vendors launches a new product that we can build with! Inspiration is everywhere, from nature to the red carpet. I seem to make designs mentally when I am sleeping, there’s never a dull moment in my brain! 

Image by Hellybee Photography, Los Gatos

BB: Was there a specific event or person in your life that led you to begin designing?

L: I made my own accessories for my wedding (just celebrated my 10 year on 8/25 with my wonderful husband!). I was in search of a specific look for my hair and couldn't find it, so I set out to make it. After my wedding, I started selling my hairpins on EBay and became totally overwhelmed by the response and sales! It was during the dot com phase when I was working as an HR manager in the tech industry and my company was laid off. I took a few months off and started creating more and more accessories for EBay, local boutiques and friends. In 2004 I attended my first bridal market in Chicago with our Haute Bride line.

B: What recently married or currently engaged celebrity would you love to accessorize for their big day? And what accessories would you pick for her?

Kim K. Image by Michael Simon via Style News
L: I would probably want to style Kim Kardashian. Although the headpiece that she wore was a compliment to her Armenian roots, I felt that it took away from her beauty and her dress. I think just a diamond or rhinestone comb tucked into a side low chignon would have been perfect.

BB: What high school trend are you embarrassed to admit you followed?

L: Big white metal hoops, heavy ones. Thanks to those hoops, I'm unable to wear the kind of earrings I want to wear!

BB: If you weren't a designer, what career path would you have chosen?

L: I really enjoy photography, web design and graphic design. I do quite a bit if the work for my company, as I just can't let go! I tend to be a bit of a control freak. ;) 

Image by Hellybee Photography, Los Gatos

BB: What's your favorite accessory in your collection?

L: I love my chunky necklaces! I hardly ever wear earrings- unless they are studs. Because the Haute Bride line is so versatile, I find myself wearing cuffs and necklaces every time I go out.

BB: Any hints to what in store for your new collection?

L: Not just yet, you will have to wait until October! 

Image by Hellybee Photography, Los Gatos
BB: Do you have any accessory rules to live by?

L: I honestly don't believe in over –accessorizing. I also love that you can wear amazing accessories with a $29.99 dress from H&M and your outfit looks like a million bucks!

BB: What's in your purse?

L: My must haves: iPhone, raw almonds, Superhero figurines (gotta have 'em- twin, 4 year old boys), Chanel lip-gloss, and a little notepad for taking inspiration notes!

Thank you Lindsie!


  1. Yes everyone... this is my BEST FRIEND and I couldn't be MORE proud of her!! Go Lindsie Go!!!!

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  3. i love lindsie! such a beautiful person, inside and out.

  4. lovely answers. A very nice person from what i can read.

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