Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet & Greet: Danielle & Amanda of NYC and NJ Bella Bridesmaid

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the owner of a Bella Bridesmaid boutique?  We caught up with two of our favorite gals, Danielle &, best friends, and owners of New Jersey and New York Bella Bridesmaid. They took some time from the hustle and bustle of running their boutiques to answer some of our questions.

BB: What were your careers before owning Bella?

D&A: We grew up together in New Jersey but not until about 5 years ago did we really want to start a business venture together. While Amanda was teaching and Danielle was choreographing, we ran the gamut of different business ideas...revival of vintage aprons, real estate, muffins, cupcakes, you name it!

BB: Why did you want to become a part of the Bella franchise?

D&A: We liked the idea of opening a business that was already successful and one-of-a-kind, and would in turn bring us success as business owners. Being a franchisee allowed us to bring our own personalities into the business while gaining support and confidence from the other Bella girls. At the end of the day, we have fun together and that plays a key role in our partnership and friendship.

BB: What is the most memorable moment so far in your boutiques?

D&A: Opening the New Jersey store was a huge learning curve since EVERY aspect was new to us. We have a great picture of us signing our franchise agreement and in that moment we had no idea what was to come. We opened in December and sold our first dress to a mother of the groom...not even a bridesmaid! But we were really excited and proud. Each client brought us a new experience and set of desires. We are constantly challenged and meeting each other head-on.  Before we opened the NYC store or had a sample on the floor, brides were calling for appointments. This hype really made opening the NYC store even more exciting. We have since out grown that space and have recently expanded for a second time. Our NYC and NJ brides continue to bring excitement to our business and, in return, we hope we bring happiness to them on their special day.

BB: What are your favorite bridesmaid dresses that are hanging in your personal closets?

D: Ivy & Aster Forget Me Knot in Cerise with the Heirloom belt (left)
A: Thread - Shiloh mini with blossom print

Thank you Danielle & Amanda!

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  1. Amanda and Danielle are two of the most wonderful women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting-- and for whom to work! :)