Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ask Bridget... Bridesmaid Gifts

Us Bella's are often asked by our brides for advice and tips on the perfect bridesmaid gift. The gals (and guys) who are standing with you on your wedding day are usually your most important support team... and you rely on them heavily during the wedding planning process. From addressing envelopes at 1am and endless email's with photos of wedding dresses attached with the subject line 'Thoughts?',  they have signed up for whatever comes along with the title of "bridesmaid". Which let's be honest, sometimes involves a bit of abuse on the shoulder-to cry-on front. So, how to honor these patient and tongue-biting souls? Here's my list of a few useful, not-so-useful but fun, and thoughtful gifts.

1) Ok, I've said it before... but the number one comment we hear from bridesmaids when the bride's not in earshot is "I wish she'd contribute towards the cost of the dress instead of giving me a (insert here: sterling silver key chain, crystal picture frame, etc). ". So consider chipping in for the dress, especially because you chose a modern, chic, totally and completely re-wearable bridesmaid dress... right? I especially love this idea from Martha Stewart Weddings for a "bridesmaid fashion card" that contains everything they need to know about their attire and all-over look for the day of the wedding. Not only is it informative AND thoughtful, but you could also include a note that thanks them for being in the wedding and that you have contributed $__ to the cost of the fab dress. Cute, no?

2) Purchase the accessories that you'd like them to wear as their gift. Ok, maybe this is a bit self-serving, but's the look and feel you had in mind for your wedding, and as long as you're footing the bill, they'll be happy to oblige in wearing the tulle and feather headdress.

A few of our favorite accessories:

The "Elize" shoe by Nina

"Just Bowtiful" clutch from Nelle

The "Gwen" earring from Kendra Scott

What gal wouldn't be thrilled to add any of these lovelies to her wardrobe?

3) Contribute to her favorite charity.
(Maybe not as fun as a pair of shoes, but meaningful and charitable.)

4) Host a bridesmaid luncheon, cocktail party, dinner, etc and take the time to say a few words about each bridesmaid and why they are important in your life and why you have asked them to be in your wedding. I find that a lot of times, especially in a large wedding party, it's not always the case that everyone knows each other and your history with them. This is a nice way to recognize those relationships.

and lastly....

5) Pay for their hair and makeup on the day of the wedding. Yes, it's an added expense, but everyone loves the pampering and it's a fun way to relax on the wedding day. And if they look and feel great, this will reflect in their overall demeanor and attitude. Happy Bridesmaids = Happy Bride!



  1. I love these ideas! I was looking for something fun and unique, and ended up buying jewelry for my bridesmaids. I know, not super original, but they will love them!

  2. Wow! These are really great ideas! Bridesmaid would love this!

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