Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Interview with Yoo Lee of Saja

Yoo Lee
Simplicity and beauty are two words that come to mind when eyeing the gorgeousness that is Saja. The wonderfully talented Yoo Lee founded Saja in the year 2000 and her amazing creations quickly became loved by all... especially by the Bella fam! After wearing a Saja dress you can’t help but wonder what other lovely designs does Yoo have up her sleeve? And how did she become such a genius of pretty? So we decided to ask Yoo to share some of her secrets…

BB: What do you think has been the most important factor in the success of your business?

Y: Focus and persistency. Also, learning from experiences.

BB: When designing for women, specifically bridesmaids, what are your inspirations?

Y: I imagine a beautiful person wearing our dress on one of their most significant days. I imagine them to be excited, giddy, COMFORTABLE, but also effortlessly chic and confident. Oh yes, and I imagine them to be good people.

Saja, BP6252

BB: Was there a specific event or person in your life that led you to begin designing bridal and bridesmaid dresses?

Y: I always knew I was going to become a fashion designer since I was 10 and seeing Yves Saint Laurent retrospective collection at the Met. And I knew I wanted to own my company since I wasn't lucky enough to find the company that suited my aesthetic. So I started Saja. I owned Saja for 8 years designing the contemporary collection instead of the bridal collection. Then the economy took a nosedive in 2008 and it was really way for me to survive and keep the brand going by switching over to designing bridal dresses. As it turned out in hindsight, best thing that could have happened to me. I love what I do.

BB: If you could give any famous woman a makeover, who would she be and how would you style them?

Y: Princess Diana on her wedding day: Less puff and more simple to make her young beauty transcend easily and make her the focus instead of the dress.

Princess Diana
Image by PA Archive/Press Association Images
via Daily Mail
BB: What high school trend are you embarrassed to admit you followed?

Y: I lived through '80's in high school. Blue mascara, bang, legwarmers... you name it, I've done it all.

BB: If you weren't a designer, what career path would you have chosen?

Y: A lawyer or a chef. I like clarity and seeing the end result.

BB: What's your favorite dress in your collection?

Y: I don't really have a favorite; they all serve different purposes for me. Also, whenever I do a new season, my liking changes as well.

BB: Any hints to what is in store for this Fall?

Y: I am actually done with all the designs for Fall and in the process of getting the fit right which takes long time to perfect for me. I am using heavier silk to give more form fitting without compromising on comfort. Also, there just might be some sleeves popping up, of course it will be done Saja way so it will still be light and ethereal.

Inside the Saja boutique in NYC

BB: Any advice for certain styles for different body shapes?

Y: Own and know your body: be comfortable in your own skin!  Also, when dress shopping be open-minded.

BB: What's in your purse?

Y: Cell phone, a wallet, keys and a book for the commute. I am a simple being.

                                             Thank you Yoo Lee!


  1. I agree completely about being open minded! Sometimes a dress that we never thought would be flattering looks amazing! :)

  2. Can't wait to see the new collection, LOVE the Saja dresses!