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Meet & Greet: Allison, owner of Indianapolis

What happens when an analyst for a wine distributor meets Bella Bridesmaid? Well, she becomes a Bella franchisee, of course! Allison Rechter of Indianapolis opened her Bella boutique in January of 2009 and has loved every second of it. Recently engaged, Allison has kept quite busy running the Indianapolis boutique and wedding planning but we were able to get some time with her so she could fill us in on all the excitement…

BB: What did you do before owning Bella?

A: I worked for a wine, liquor and Red Bull distributor as an analyst. I was a Computer Science major in college - not the most popular major for girls. But hey, I can make killer spreadsheets for Bella now!

BB: Why did you want to become part of the Bella franchise?

A: I had been in ten weddings and three of them had used Bella Bridesmaid. I saw the need in Indianapolis and had always wanted to open my own store - it was a perfect fit. Plus, I didn't have the nerve to start something on my own, I loved that Bella had a successful business model and 40+ other stores. The last two years have been the most fulfilling years of my life.

BB: What is the most memorable moment so far in your boutique?

A: There have been many memorable moments from my first client to helping with a themed wedding but I have to say - one of my most memorable moments was when I accidentally locked my dog Penny in my office during an appointment with my keys and phone. Penny is extremely agile and that's putting it lightly. The girl has major hops. I figured I'd keep my cool, wait for my appointment to leave then attempt to get Penny to open the door or worst case scenario - call a locksmith from the salon downstairs. Not knowing Penny was locked in the office, my appointment asks if they can meet Penny and I had to tell them my dilemma. The Mother of the Bride jumps off the couch and comes over to the glass door and tries to coax Penny to stand up by dangling things in front of the glass with hopes that she'll hit the handle and open the door. Forget about dresses, the goal now was to get Penny out of the office. After about 10 minutes of trying and several promising attempts by Penny - EUREKA - she opened the door!

Allison(Left) wearing her Swoon Barbados dress

BB: What are your favorite bridesmaid dresses that are hanging in your personal closet?

A: Gosh! That is a hard question. I love my TwoBirds rosette mini – it’s my go to little black dress. My Swoon Barbados dress for more formal events, Amsale G425C for summer events and Senna by Simple Silhouettes in polka dot for work and bridal events!

Brian Marcus/Fred Marcus photography via Style News 

BB: Tell us about a favorite recent bride that has an interesting story/wedding.

A: I recently met with a 13-maid wedding with bridesmaids from all over the globe so we did TwoBirds ballgowns since those dresses don't require measurements. It was an all white wedding with the girls in ivory. The wedding was in Trinidad and I can't wait to see pictures!

BB: What is your fave celebrity wedding dress?

A: Ivanka Trump. Her dress is one of my faves because of its' modern elegance. The slit in the back of the lace makes it less stuffy but maintains the timeless Grace Kelly look. Plus, you will never look at her wedding picture and be able to tell what year it was. Classic. I love it.

BB: We know you recently got engaged, could you tell us your story of the engagement?

A: In June, Dan and our friends led me to believe that we were going on a houseboat trip but at the last minute it was "cancelled due to boat problems." So with a Saturday out of the store already planned, Dan suggested we take our two dogs to his family’s farm to romp and swim. 

When we got to the farm we were walking the property when all of sudden the clouds opened up and it started to DOWNPOUR. We were soaked! Despite the rain, we continued our walk, dripping wet. By the time we reached the big meadow (Dan's favorite place) the sun had come out so we took a short break. This part is where it becomes a real blur. From what I do remember - Dan gave me a hug and I realized his heart was racing and then he said some really thoughtful things about us and his feelings for me and got down on one knee and proposed. I think the first thing I said was "Are you serious?" followed by "Is this happening?" True words of a girl in total shock, right?! After lots of tears, hugs and a YES we started our walk back.

Allison and Dan(center) with friends and family

On our way back, bows started to line the path so I knew someone was there. As if I wasn’t in shock enough, when we got to the top of the hill my entire family, Dan's entire family and two of my closest friends were waiting for us. From New York to California, family and friends had flown in to celebrate our engagement. It was so incredibly surprising and special to share this moment with each of them. Oh! And Dan hired a photographer to capture the entire day!

BB: Any idea of what gown and bridesmaid dresses you would love to use for your wedding?

A: My girls are going to wear long Amsale black chiffons of their choice to the wedding then at the reception they are changing into LulaKate party dresses in shades of silver/gold for dancing.

BB: What's your go to dress for a busy Saturday in the shop?

A: I absolutely love my seersucker dresses from LulaKate that are comfy and casual - fantastic for summer. Plus, they have a great color selection in seersucker.

BB: What is the best wedding trend you've seen recently?

A: I love when girls pick different shades of a color. I recently had a 6 bridesmaid wedding where the bride picked shades of purple from varying designers in long chiffons. Gorgeous! The array of colors spanned from Violet to Aubergine. It is going to be stunning!

                                                                                                           Thank you Allison and congrats!

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